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a photo of the exterior of the Crisler Center

Crisler Center

The University of Michigan will host a Presidential Debate in the university’s Crisler Center on October 15, 2020. Some debate-related university events will take place in facilities near the Crisler Center and in other parts of the Ann Arbor campus. The university community can anticipate themes related to democracy, the election, and the debate—from cybersecurity, to voting rights, to the meaning of truth—to be woven throughout the coming year, providing opportunity to engage with the electoral process, through curricular and co-curricular experiences and various public events enhanced by being a debate site. Public service and civic engagement are at the core of our great university and its history.

a portrait of Dean Barr
Universities—particularly a great public institution such as the University of Michigan—can bring together people from divergent vantage points to tackle significant policy issues with the goal of deeper understanding and to search for common values. This is a national imperative for our times, and we are eager to do our part."
- Dean Michael S. Barr, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy